Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I just bought myself three new navy blazers and a couple pairs of khakis. I'd say my war-drobe is set for the next few years!

Now I just gotta find a gas station that sells yellow "support our troops" ribbons, so everyone knows I'm doing my part. One of mine fell off, so I'm down to 4 now. I may have to move another one to make room for my "Masturbation is Murder" sticker.

Porn in Schools? No thanks!

I heard Obama wants to show pornos in schools, under the code name "Sex Ed". Our children don't need to be exposed to such nonsense so early in life.

All we need to do is teach them that those "feelings" they have are unnatural, and are only intended for baby making in married couples.

If we teach our kids about sex, they'll know how to do it and start having it all the time. I don't want my future kids trying to have sex at the dinner table, or at a school play because some liberals decided to show pornos in school!